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We TRADE TO LIVE. We are NOT like others who LIVE TO TRADE.

We know that our Health is ALWAYS more important than our wealth.

We know trading is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

We know trading is a serious business and WE treat our trading as a SERIOUS BUSINESS

We understand we have, like any other profession, to put in the thousands of hours studying, learning and practicing our methods and techniques.

We understand there is NO SHORTCUT to becoming successful and profitable traders.

We understand that successful and profitable trading is 95% psychology and 5% technical skill. We know who and what we have to control.

We need PATIENCE to wait for and “SEE” opportunities

We need DISCIPLINE to act and trade on such opportunities

We are PLANNERS – We always PLAN each and every trade and then Trade the PLAN without exception.

We are BELIEVERS. We believe in ourselves and our PLAN.

We are happy, content and satisfied with where we are in our trading career.

We believe in the Holy Grail. We know what the Holy Grail is. We have found the Holy Grail and our search for trading enlightenment is over.

We can only take what the market gives us – we do “NOT” force the market.

We respect PRICE and the Market.

We understand that PRICE is Lord, King, Queen and Country.

We ACCEPT losses as the cost of doing business

We are PROFESSIONALS and PROFESSIONALS look for a reason NOT to take a trade

We are NOT Amateurs. Amateurs manage money by taking RISK. PROFESSIONALS manage RISK by taking money.